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For more information, you may look at our detailed Data Publishing Policies and Guidelines for Biodiversity Data and at the concept paper of Chavan and Penev (2011).

A substantial feature of the semantic Web is open data publishing, where not only analysed results, but original datasets can be published as citeable items so that the data authors may receive academic dredit for their efforts. Pensoft supports various methods for data publication, such as downloadable data packages supplementary to a research article, or hosted in and linked to data repositories. There are several incentives for authors and instutions to publish data:
  • Data produced and collected using public funds can be published, cited, used and re-used, either as separate datasets or collated with other data;
  • Data can be indexed and made discoverable, browsable and searchable through biodiversity infrastructures (e.g., the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), Dryad and others):
  • Data can be integrated with other datasets across space to bring recognition and new opportunities for collaboration to the data authors;
  • Collection managers can trace usage and citations of digitized data from their collections;
  • By publishing data, authors and institutions are credited for their work to create and maintain data through registering of priority and authorship through indexing, discovery and citation;
  • Datasets, metadata and respective data papers are inter-linked to expedite and mutually extend the dissemination, to the benefit of the authors and society at large.
The core of the data publishing project of Pensoft is the concept of “Data Paper” developed in a cooperation with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). Data Papers are peer-reviewed scholarly publications that describe the published datasets and provide an opportunity to data authors to receive the academic credit for their efforts. Currently, Pensoft offers the opportunity to publish Data Papers describing occurrence data and checklists, Barcode-of-Life genome data and biodiversity-related software tools, such as interactive keys and others.

Pensoft reached an agreement for cooperation in data hosting and developing of data publishing workflows with the GBIF, the Dryad Data Repository and the Consortium for Barcode of Life.

Download Data paper poster

Examples of data papers


Antarctic, Sub-Antarctic and cold temperate echinoid database    

A dataset from bottom trawl survey around Taiwan

Project Description: DNA Barcodes of Bird Species in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, USA

Literature based species occurrence data of birds of northeast India

MOSCHweb — a matrix-based interactive key to the genera of the Palaearctic Tachinidae (Insecta, Diptera)

Amundsen Sea Mollusca from the BIOPEARL II expedition

Iberian Odonata distribution: data of the BOS Arthropod Collection (University of Oviedo, Spain)

FORMIDABEL: The Belgian Ants Database

Circumpolar dataset of sequenced specimens of Promachocrinus kerguelensis (Echinodermata, Crinoidea)


Florabank1: a grid-based database on vascular plant distribution in the northern part of Belgium (Flanders and the Brussels Capital region)

Database of Vascular Plants of Canada (VASCAN): a community contributed taxonomic checklist of all vascular plants of Canada, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, and Greenland

Herbarium of Vascular Plants Collection of the University of Extremadura (Spain)

Nature Conservation:

Antarctic macrobenthic communities: A compilation of circumpolar information

Press releases on data papers

New incentive for biodiversity data publishing

Data publishing policies and guidelines for biodiversity data by Pensoft

First database-derived 'data paper' published in journal

A new type of data papers designed to publish online interactive keys

Data paper describes Antarctic biodiversity data gathered by 90 expeditions since 1956

Unique information on Belgian ants compiled and published through FORMIDABEL data paper

Database simplifies finding Canadian plant names and distribution

A synthesis of the 36451 specimens from the UNEX Herbarium in a new data paper

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